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Before I settled on reviving Lovely Grey I briefly started over with a new website called ‘No News Nook’. This was a snuggly little place to share stories that brightened people’s lives It came about as, back along, I decided that too much of my day was spent immersing myself in the sorrows of planet Earth.  BBC Radio 4, the UK’s most popular talk radio channel was my choice of listening. Though highly esteemed, it was dragging me down with its hour on hour in-depth ruminations about events that I had little control over.  I started to wonder whether doom and gloom is peddled on purpose to subjugate us by fostering collective anxiety. Or is it done unconsciously, a product of the way that news has been reported over many generations?  I hope it’s the latter for I like to think that my fellow man is an inherently good soul.   

Of course, in a digital age, mainstream media seeps through.  And these days, while I receive enough information to navigate my way through collective life, the news no longer dominate. .   My current affairs intake is now way more limited.  I may flip through headlines of a news app for a couple of minutes or catch a glimpse of them on TV.

Yes, I still read online newspapers but lifestyle, arts and travel sections are much more likely to grab my fancy. I also like to use the technology that we are so blessed with to take me  on journeys of discovery that raises my energy rather than brings me down.  And if something piques my curiosity, it’s so good to be able to just look it up!

More importantly I’m trying to make my own actions the main headline, getting on with my own business rather than focusing on the ‘bigger picture’. The life affirming rather than the life limiting now takes centre stage. These daisies, for instance were captured on a recent walk. They were growing in abundance on the coast path. Isn’t that a lovely story? I might not have noticed them if I was preoccupied by world affairs.

I’m wondering whether this bottom up approach may yield dividends for wider society. If more and more of us focus away from mainstream media, making each life a ‘No News Nook’ could we take better control of our own destiny?

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  1. That is very true but some might say not to hear the news is a bit like burying your head in the sand. Me I go for a mix 😉 refusing to bow down to the critics who want a news free blog and everything sweet and pretty with roses growing round the door. Enjoying your blog by the way.

    • Yep a little bit is helpful I agree. For example I was out at the crack of dawn when I got a sniff of the fuel crisis. I was near empty and needed some to get to work. Glad you’re enjoying my posts. I’m loving writing them.

    • Hi Aril

      Do you mean the link for the post or the web address for the old site? Re: the former I really should be addressing those SEO tellings off that I’m getting to make my site more visible! Re: the latter I deleted it. xxx

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