In With The New: Woohoo!

Let’s restart this writing adventure good and proper shall I? My name is Lovely Grey. Until three years ago I used to scribble away under the same pseudonym. In the olden days I told my small band of dedicated listeners about life as the single mum of my growing son Louis. But that wasn’t all. There was lots of ‘show and tell’ where I wrote about random stuff that I’d come across in real life and on the web. I also shared my travels, things that I made, life’s triumphs and setbacks, the inspirational, the funny and, for a wee while, my life living in Klaus the Knaus, my aged German motorhome.

Then suddenly my writing mojo deserted me. And though I tried to resurrect it with new projects they didn’t seem to cut the mustard. I abandoned them all pretty quickly. Sorry to all the lovelies who tried to follow me again during these times but my heart just wasn’t in what I was doing. What I wrote seemed to lack my own personal stamp.

But recently some inner voice has been pestering me. For a while I resisted. ‘I told you we were done in 2018, Lovely Grey!’. But’s she’s kept nagging away. ‘Hey I know that you want me back. Let’s return to doing something like before. C’mon we’ll have a laugh.’

So I’ve finally succumbed. But things might turn out a little different this time. For starters life has changed since 2018. Of course I’ve grown, maybe a bit too literally during lockdown because of the increased interest in baking. The teenage is about to fly the nest and spends so much time in the attic it is almost like he has disappeared already. Yet I’m not going to be alone when he leaves for university in the autumn. At the start of the COVID-19 crisis some bloke brought his slippers down to my seaside home and moved in as my ‘bubble buddy’. He doesn’t look like he’s leaving anytime soon and there’ll soon be a house for sale in a picturesque Somerset town if anyone’s interested. Klaus remains the only constant but, thanks to a very handy boyfriend, even he’s had an overhaul!

Welcome to this new space, my very own website that is sure to evolve with time. It needs to at the moment. My WordPress skills are on a sharp learning curve so bear with me. But I think I’ve sussed the blogging bit so I’ll share new stuff and revisit topics that the old Lovely Grey touched on before. I hope to write regularly about whatever takes my fancy just like old times. Please come along. Fingers crossed there’ll be bits of my journey that you’ll find funny, inspirational or thought provoking.

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