Fashion photojournalist I ain’t! This is a selfie of my feet in my new boots yesterday morning . The wrinkly bit is the join between my leggings and socks. Not a good look.

I took this shot just before we went to the allotment and just after the postie had delivered my new Seasalt wellies. I bought them with a code from my newish Blue Light Card that I’m entitled to as a healthcare worker. They came with an incredible 35% discount. Being a tightwad I was sceptical about paying £4.99 for my two years membership but loads of companies have signed up and my subscription has paid for itself several times over already.

It’s probably the first and last time that my wellies will be allowed in the living room. They’re already covered in mud from digging and grubbing around. Happily they’ve passed the comfort test, a perfect fit with a fluffy interior. The sole is robust enough to withstand a hearty bit of spade work too. Oh, and as an aside I noticed today that my garlic and rhubarb are sprouting. The strawberry plants that were planted a fortnight ago have quadrupled in size too. Maybe I have got green fingers after all.

I have Morton’s Neuroma, a foot condition where the nerve between my third and fourth toes is compressed. I decided to give my winter footwear a complete overhaul because I don’t have anything to wear that doesn’t cause pain. After a couple of miles of walking even with specialist arch support the burning sensation starts. It’s not an issue in the summer when I wear different footwear so there seemed to be hope for a solution. And as I’m not an Imelda Marcos in the shoe department it wouldn’t be too expensive. Aside from exercise and at work, I only alternate between two pairs of knee and ankle length black boots. Yes, a little outlay for the sake of comfort definitely comes within that Low Spend remit.

What I’ve worked out is that footwear that is not open toed needs to be nicely rounded. It can’t be pointy at all. The new wellies fit the bill but I also needed something for more general daily use. It was hard to source replacement boots didn’t narrow at the toe but a friend recommended the brand Heavenly Feet.

So my boots have been replaced by this, the Hannah 2 that has a super roundy toe. Yippee! It’s a mid calf length so one style replaces my two old pairs. The boots are vegan friendly so not my usual leathery choice. I’m interested to see how long that they last. Their soles seem pretty meaty so it’s looking good. I would have shown you my own pair but they’re already covered in muck from their first inaugural outing. I walked further than I’d planned, about 14,000 steps. But I’m happy to report that there was no pain in those tootsies. It’s a good sign!

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the discount card, I’ll be looking into that now.
    I love your wellies – what a great score. I also need round-toed shoes – they can be difficult to find!
    I have a couple of pairs of Heavenly Feet – I think they’re really good value for money. I love the style you’ve chosen (I think they’re ~inspired~ by the popular Fly London boots I’ve never been able to afford – I’ll have to look again at HF!).
    I’ve found the more ‘modern’ shapes of Doc Martens pretty narrow in the toe which is a shame as they’re often recommended.
    Rocketdog are always a good bet – I get a couple of spring/summers out of their plimsol-y summery numbers which cost about £15-20 and come in some nice prints (bonus: there’s room too for the robust arch supports I need sometimes). They also make shoes and boots, some of which I’ve been wearing for 12 years or so!
    My ‘school shoes’ (for work and other non-mud times) are mary janes by Red Or Dead and I *love* them – they are exactly the shape of my feet:
    Apols for being a shoe-bore. I’ve spent a lot of time and blisters on this “research” so I wanted to share, haha!

    • Not a shoe bore. That’s brilliant. The problem with buying online is that they rarely seem to have a shot of the sole or a ‘top shot’ so that you can gauge the shape of the shoe. I Thanks!

  2. Quality footwear is essential as we get older but want to be active. Good for you making the investment in yourself. Every year I say I’m getting Wellies and put it off.

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