Needles and Pins

The cushion covers for the dining room chairs are still very much work in progress although I’m cracking on a bit now I have a week off. I’m tacking in their zips at the moment, a bit of a faff but I think that it will be worth the effort. I like a line of big stitches to follow when I’m doing something fiddly.

I thought I’d show off my needlepoint pincushion and needle case from my sewing box. They’ve been with me for at least a couple of decades now. Maybe they meet both of William Morris’ maxims. To me they are both beautiful and useful. I made them both, from kits from a ‘Past Times’ shop. I used to like it in there until I discovered proper vintage. Perhaps others did too and that’s why those stores are now defunct. My sewing accoutrements are now getting to the age when they class as retro anyway. How’s that for irony?

You’ll see that the pin cushion is empty. I’ve used all the pins to supplement my tacking. So I’ve just popped upstairs to replenish from a little box that I’d bought from the supermarket. In my memory I thought that there was plenty but there isn’t an awful lot left in there. Maybe I’ve dropped more on the floor than I thought. No wonder the boys are always complaining about pins in their feet!

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