Naked Beach Art

We love a beach but I’m not too good at lazing around. I have to find something to do. This year I’ve started to leave my mark on the beach, at least until the next tide. I collect pebbles and a few shells too and make nudie cool pebble dudes. It satisfies my naughty Carry On-esque sense of humour. Here’s one inspired by the surfers that were out catching the Cornish waves at Treyarnon Bay in April.

Obviously not my work because there’s not a willy in sight! But here’s a little model of Stonehenge that someone left at Freshwater Bay West in Wales.

The mini ancient monument spurred me into action. It was nigh on an art trail at that beach after I’d finished. I know the Hot Stuff is ‘the one’ for he went on search for a pebble penis for me. Bless! And no, this person isn’t transgender. They’re mighty pecs not boobs. While this guy has no surfboard but he does have a big heart!

My! What a big one! I made this guy at Manorbier on our Welsh holiday. Do I have no shame? Well yes I do actually. Some people came past as I was in the midst of my creation. I got all embarrassed and hid what I was up to.

The quest to find pebble phalluses isn’t just for the sake of artistic endeavours. There are endless options as I once heard a very pissed man tell his mate who was unimpressed by a Harvester salad bar. On my local beach, I suggested a post barbecue game with our neighbours and their kids. ‘Who Can Find the Best Willy Stone’ went down a treat. Needless to say I won!

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