My Inheritance

This is my inheritance. I thought that I’d share another picture that’s on the wall of the house where I’m staying. Mr Metrosexual bought it on his travels to Vietnam a few years ago. It’s painted on rice paper, that stuff that I used to eat by the sheet when Mum bought it to make macaroons when I was a kid. I’ve loved this painting from the moment that I clapped eyes on it. Mr Metrosexual surprised me by saying that he’d left it to me in my will. I promise that I won’t tear it from its frame and devour it when I need a snack!

As a nation death is on our mind at the moment after the passing of Queen Elizabeth just over a week ago. She once said that grief is the price that we pay for love. What wise and beautiful words. It will be an honour to look after this lovely lady with birdies in her hair when the time comes. But when I look at her in the light of possible future ownership they is a tinge of sadness. For my inheritance, due to the loss of a very dear friend will come at a heavy price. So for the moment I’m happy about where it is at the moment. After all I want my chummer to stick around for a while.

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