My Footprint

There is a mobile app called ‘My Footprint’ that I’ve downloaded. It’s been created by the World Wildlife Fund, hence the panda as there’s one on the organisation’s logo. It’s available for Apple and Android. You answer questions about your lifestyle and your carbon footprint is calculated. You are then set challenges with the aim of reducing your environmental impact.

I was pleased that my footprint was below that of the average person in this country. I hoped that it might be. But there’s still more to do. So the app sets challenges to bring that score down even further. I’m up for that so I’ve chosen a few to start me off.

The good news is that I’d met some of them already without even trying. There’s one about increasing the number of journeys made by foot or bike. These have formed the majority of our trips for some while now. We’ve already discussed how to reduce our annual motoring mileage further. We’re even thinking about doing our weekly shop by pedal power and putting all our goodies in paniers and bags on the back racks of the bike. I also signed up to a challenge to use the dishwasher on eco mode. When I looked I found that that was the setting that I habitually use anyway.

So I’ve signed up to four active challenges. I’m going to see if reducing our washing machine temperature to the lowest setting makes any visible difference to the cleanliness of our laundry. I’ve pledged to use the oven just twice next week. That’s might take a bit of planning as I love to bake. There’s a lovely upcycling project challenging me to make something out of an item that I would have thrown away. I’ve already got something in mind The final one is really fun. I’m going to see if I can grow spring onions from cuttings. I’ll report on my progress down the line.

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