My Cycling History

My cycling history goes back a long way, ever since I was a wee one pedalling around on a colourful new to me Triang trike. I spent my teenage years racing around the Essex countryside. I often ended up further afield than my parents could possibly imagined. What freedom! I’m now in my fifties and there’s never been a time when I didn’t have a bike of my own. The latest is my foldable e-bike. It makes very light work of the Devon hills indeed. In spite of some hiccups (bits falling off of it!) it’s given my cycling exploits new impetus. Let me say that I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend the bike that I bought. However I would suggest that you fancy your own power assisted bicycle I’d go for one with the biggest range that you can afford.

In these times of rising fuel prices, being able to get around on my own steam is a huge plus. I’ve overcome my fear of leaving something very expensive out of my sight while I shop or go about other business. After all isn’t that what a blooming great lock and cycle insurance are for? I’m now using my bike for routine trips as well as leisurely tours in the countryside. It’s been to Lidl this week as I ‘needed’ some fizzy wine and chocolate for a friend’s visit. I also cycled to my routine breast screening appointment in the next town. I arrived to have my tits squished in the weird machine without being out of breath at all!

The wonderful thing about cycling to get my routine stuff done is that it doesn’t seem like a chore but is an extension of my leisure time. Now I can whizz up hills as well as down them it’s more joyful than ever. It’s especially pleasing when I pass heavily lycra-ed men on posh racing bikes. You should see the look that I get when a granny on a shopper bike passes them on a steep hill! My cycling history is a long one already but it looks like it’s going to go on for a good time yet.

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