My Best

Here’s one I did earlier, in January 2021 to be precise. Drawing is not really my forte but I was rather pleased with these little dancers. They seemed to have grace and interesting energy are are my best effort from the project. Even though I think that sketching might be a good skill to hone I decided that I wouldn’t take part in a 30 day challenge in 2022. I’ve enough on my plate. I’m being gentle and trying not to overload myself with perceived obligations.

And so I’m into the second month where I’ve stepped back from work to focus on self care and looking after my boys. Each morning I set myself daily goals. My achievements are tiny when compared to those when I’m well. Sometimes they are no more than what I would have done before heading out to work. I wouldn’t normally have given them a thought. But at the moment the completion of small tasks represents a true milestones, especially personal admin. I give myself an extra large pat on the back if I respond to an email, make a phone call or get a bit of paperwork done.

Often I achieve a little more than expected. but that’s a bonus not an expectation. When I don’t hit target I’m kind to myself. It’s pretty much a dead cert that there’s going to be a tomorrow. Even if there isn’t one I probably won’t be beating myself up on my cloud for not cleaning the toilet!

I’ve written about The Four Agreements in a past post. It’s one of the spiritual texts that I value and draw on. The fourth agreement is ‘Always do your best. With this there is acknowledgement that ‘your best’ is a dynamic entity which will change, even from moment to moment. What I’m able to achieve when I well certainly isn’t the same as when I’m overwhelmed with the stuff that life throws at me. I’m keeping that notion close to my heart. The kind acknowledgement that my best is different in these times is definitely part of my self care.

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