Museum Of The Moon

I’ve been wanting to see Luke Jerram’s ‘Museum of the Moon’ for some time. It’s been exhibited in a few South West cathedrals in the last year, all within relative spitting distance, but I kept missing it. The wacky idea of having a massive helium filled balloon in a sacred space appealed. I had hoped to see it at Exeter but its visit there coincided with a rainy half term and the timed tickets all sold out.

So I was excited that it was reappearing in Taunton Minster, even more so because I’ve never visited there before. It’s a church of angels, over two hundred. Unfortunately it wasn’t the place or time to go on a extended hunt form them. There were too many people milling about. A meeting in the quire also stopped me from having a sneaky peep under the seats to see if there are any misericordes. However a return visit is not out of the question as Hot Stuff’s mum lives in the town.

So finally, finally I got a peep at the Museum of the Moon. It looked magnificent under the Minster’s blue ceiling. I loved how the 7m structure seemed to be squished into the nave. And I couldn’t resist getting a few of those celestial beings into the shot. I think that they approved!

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