Proof that you can take anything that I say about being a minimalist with a pinch of salt. In my defence we are very short of storage and worktop space in our kitchen. At the forefront of all this paraphernalia though is my favourite mug, an iconic Cornishware one made by T&G Green. It’s a big’un that holds three quarters of a pint. We have two of these, but Hot Stuff isn’t quite the guzzler that I am. There’s nearly always leftovers in his.

I need a bucketful of tea to get going first thing in the morning and to revive me later on in the day. My brand of choice is Miles, a Westcountry tea business. It’s one of the things that we buy in bulk, a sack at a time. Over a thousand bags arrive in one go and they last for ages.

I’m very fussy about what my hot drink come in but no posh porcelain tea cups with my pinky held high for me. Generous size isn’t all that matters though. I’m also fussy about the thickness of the china, the decoration and the shape both of the main vessel itself and the handle. This mug ticks all the boxes. Funny old sausage that I am, I also love the mouth feel of the raised decorative ridges when I’m drinking

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