I impulse purchased some aubergines on my weekly shop on Thursday. What a devil! By coincidence I found out that my friend, Red Mel, had too. She told me when I called her during her Asda shop. I think that we must have both been drawn to their purple shiny-ness. You’ll see that one of mine had an interesting kink at the end. If it had made it to Morrison’s rather than Aldi perhaps it would have ended up in a wonky veg box.

As Mediterranean food is the favourite on my cookery repertoire I decided to make a hearty moussaka. I used a recipe from BBC Good Food. You can follow the link here. It comes with a product warning though. Don’t even think about rustling this up after getting home from work late one night. You’ll be sitting down to eat at way past midnight. This is slow food at its best. One to prepare on a lazy weekend afternoon with a glass of red wine left over from the stuff that has gone in the lamb ragu.

As well as conjuring up a meaty sauce I had to parboil some sliced potatoes and make a bechamel. But it was frying the aubergine slices that took up the most time along with an incredible amount of olive oil. If this was a regular meal the five litre bottle that I brought home from Spain would be gone in a week! And after all that it baked in the oven for the best part of an hour to let the cheese on top go all bubbly. A generous grating of mature cheddar was the only point that I deviated from the recipe. It is my signature embellishment.

Was all that effort worth it? I’d say a tentative yes. It was tasty, we fed a friend and there’s loads left over to freeze for a couple more meals. But in hindsight I remember that I found my previously shared dish of Aubergines with Pasta and Cheese quicker and a mite easier than moussaka.

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