Mosaics Around Brixham

I’ll let the pictures do the talking today. There are mosaics around Brixham that add lovely splashes of colour to our wonderful little town. I’ll start with one of my favourites right down on the harbour.

I love this little cute little house sign that I spot on my yomps down the hill. So simple and effective.

Now this is one I’ve been meaning to snap for a long time. It’s in Simply Fish, a restaurant near the harbour. There nearly always seems to be a high chair partially obscuring it but I got lucky the other day.

This lovely bit of mixed media is near the fish market. I love those cockle shells…

…and next to it is a wee acorn.

And finally a bit of self publicity. This final one is all my own work, made during my flurry of mosaicking activity during lockdown. I snapped it just before it was installed. That’s why there’s a loose orange tile in the sun. It covers the screw fitting that fastens it to the wall. The friend who I made it for loves the way that the mirror tiles reflect on the road and cause it to sparkle!

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