Monthly Treat

What a lovely image I found today on Pixabay. Thanks to Herman the chap who uploaded it. Just in case you haven’t discovered it the website is a great source of free images. If you hunt around a bit you might find some of mine on there. It’s a little online community and I like to give as well as take from it.

It’s the first day of December. Doesn’t time fly? Apparently it seems to speed up as we get older because of the slowing of our perception. We visually process less frames a second but think that we’re still doing it exactly the same as when we were a youngster. Isn’t that interesting? I just love these brain facts. It might explain why I’ve made working with them the subject of my paid work.

Perhaps I’m making up for my own deteriorating cognition by doing things that mark the passing of time. Each month I reward myself with a pleasurable experience. It might be a concert, a break away or time spent with friends that I haven’t seen for a while. I normally splash out a little on my monthly treat but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Of course, it’s a bit harder when COVID 19 restrictions hit but I still managed it, for instance, by walking somewhere different locally or thrashing the nuts off my colleagues in a Zoom quiz. There was also a weird socially distanced VE day celebration out of the front of the house where a puppy changed hands between neighbours. 2020 forced us to draw on our reserves of creativity.

I felt especially blessed this year as we gradually got our freedom back. My monthly treat is often in the plural! Choosing at random, September was great. We started well on the first day off with the Elbow concert. Then we went to Southend-on-Sea to see the oldies. I used a day off to meet up for lunch with my college friends, Red Mel and Spiky Kay in Taunton. And there was a lovely leaving do as well for two colleagues, one who is already back because she must have missed us too much!

So what’s in store for this December given that Christmas doesn’t feature massively on my personal agenda? Small gatherings seem to be the theme, probably wise in the current climate. We have little catch ups with friends sprinkled through the month like fairy stardust. That includes tonight! My friend Salty Dog has moved home and we’re hanging out in her new woodfired hot tub. I might show pictures in a later post if the steam doesn’t get in the way! As I said earlier, special moments don’t have to cost the earth to be memorable.

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