Merging Two Households

Just as I’d thoroughly Maria Kondo-ed my home and embraced minimalism without the monochrome palette, Hot Stuff came along. That was alright at first when we had a house each but then his possessions started to creep across. Merging two households is now on the cards.

It hasn’t been all bad. While we were decorating the living room we had no curtains and the entire neigbourhood got a glimpse of our domestic situation. ‘I can tell that a bloke’s moved in.’ said Dave Down The Road. ‘There’s a massive telly and a lot of homebrew kit!’ My friend Salty Dog was aghast at the piles of stuff that have accumulated. ‘Your house was never like this before.’ she commented. She thought about its effect on my mental state. It would have been a bigger deal in the past.

I’m going to have to put up with a period of carnage. The priority is the sale of Hot Stuff’s old Somerset home. More stuff will probably move in. He’s the type of bloke that keeps things ‘just in case’. Compare that to me who will happily throw away things I’m not using. My approach sometimes isn’t the best. I once chucked out the tool that removed the alloy wheels from my car boot when I didn’t know what it was. I found out it was useful when I got a puncture.

We had thought about selling both houses and using the proceeds to buy a new home that was a better amalgamation of our needs and tastes. But it’s such a lovely spot here that we’re staying put. Merging two households will reach a satisfactory conclusion in the end. Hot Stuff will build lots of storage, when he has a moment(!), and in the meantime I’ve trying my best not to make him feel like he’s an intruder and have made room for some of his possessions, even those I’m not so keen on.

I hung what looks like a hunting trophy by his chair in the living room yesterday. Bless, Hot Stuff was all smiley when he arrived home and saw it in pride of place over its chair. I hope it doesn’t fall down and stab him. We fetched it last weekend. I’m assured however that no stag died to make it. The antlers fell off some deer on Exmoor all by themselves and the piece of skull is fake. The mosaic, is of course, one of mine. It’s one I made years ago, inspired by the bears that Native Americans feature in their art. The two pieces seem to go together.

And I brought the poster back too on our last Somerset jaunt as well. It’s precious to Hot Stuff as it’s signed by Doug Scott, the famous mountaineer. It’s not really to my taste but as a gesture of give and take, I’ve had it framed for his birthday. I’m hoping that he’ll be delighted and it will help him to feel that my home is his home too.

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