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I start most days, even before I meditate, with a bit of a mental workout. For bending and stretching the old noggin is as good for you as a physical workout. Three puzzles have become part of my morning repertoire. I thought that I’d share them with links just in case anyone fancies giving any of them a go too.

  1. The Guardian Crossword: Not the cryptic one. I haven’t got the time or inclination for that. It’s the quick version that draws me in. On Saturday there’s a quiz version that I complete as well. You can download pdfs but I have a premium subscription with the newspaper that conveniently allows me to puzzle online.
  2. Wordle: I tried to introduce Hot Stuff who is dyslexic to this as I thought that it might help him develop a love for language . He was unimpressed. ‘This is torture!’ were his exact words. But it’s no surprise that I, along with half the Western world, have got the bug for this. It’s so popular that fashionistas are even wearing ‘Wordle Green’, a colour matched to the one that the square changes to when you get a letter correct. Each day I start the puzzle with LEARN because all its letters are some of the most common used in the English language.
  3. Quiz of the Day: I love a quiz and I might even give the Chaser a run for their money if nerves didn’t let me down. I enjoy this daily compilation of ten questions that tests and extends my knowledge. Bah! Only 5/10 today. Maybe the Sinnerman or the Governess would have a field day after all!

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  1. I read that RESIN is a good word to start with, followed up by LOATH if none of the letters are correct. I get a bit bored with starting with the same word, so I may alternate with LEARN. I got today’s word in two! YAY me!

  2. Thank you so much for restarting your blog! Missed you! I have read all the posts from page 41 and, just having read this one, I wanted to share my wordle starter: “ Raise” all those vowels make it easy to eliminate so many words!
    Right, going to continue reading until I am up to date. X

    • Ah glad you found me again. I like the wordle suggestion. I’ll try it. But today with similar thoughts about increasing the number of vowels. I tried ‘AUDIO’.

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