Isn’t my lady today lovely? In my search of a womanly figure I rediscovered her. She lives very close to the other wood carving that I found near St Mary’s Beach a few weeks ago.

Two months down the line I am still off poorly with burnout resulting from responsibilities at home and work. I’m pretty okay if I take it easy but I’m still easily overwhelmed and fatigued if I try to push myself just a little bit more. I’ve been supported by some brilliant health professionals who’ve all agreed that time is the best healer. And then there was the lady from occupational health. She listened to my health history and threw in a curveball. ‘It would be a good idea for you to talk to your GP practice about HRT.’ she said. So being the good little patient I did.

A decade ago, in my early forties, I was plunged into the menopause after life saving surgery. I had a serious abdominal infection. ‘We don’t know the difference between your digestive system andour reproductive system.’ said the first surgeon. ‘It’s a mess.’ Oops! A few months later I was on the mend after my fallopian tubes and an ovary had been removed. They kept one of those to see if they could stop early menopause but it didn’t work. No more babies for me then!

At the time the thinking was that hormone replacement therapy only delayed the more uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. I didn’t really give it much thought at the time. After all I was just grateful to be alive. However two lovely nurses have now enlightened me that the reduction of oestrogen and progesterone are possibly linked to changes in the cardiovascular system, sleep, mood and all things ‘down below’. I’ve been given some reading. It makes sense. Here’s one of the links. I can provide others if anyone is interested.

Anyway I’m now of the mindset that I’d like to try HRT. In particular I’m interested to see if it might improve my sleep and my mental state. Yes there are side effects, the main being an small increase in breast cancer risk. I’ll take my chances. My hunch? A hormonal top up could benefit both my psychological and physical wellbeing. I’ll let you know how I get on down the line in future posts.

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  1. I’m having hormonetherapy after a brush with cancer. Happily I’ve avoided most of the worst effects of the menopause and hormonetherapy – a few hot flushes (but nothing too drastic) and mood swings, but they’re mostly evening out. I do find that the tablets give me mild depression/panic attacks, so I’m on half an antideppressive a day. Generally, it all works fine. I hope HRT works for you – my friend swears by it!!

    • Fingers crossed for both of us. I’m hoping that it will resynch my hormones. There’s literature on how oestrogen imbalance adversely affects cortisol the stress hormone. Gave the nurse the go ahead today. Having a chat next week.

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