Men at Work

‘What absolute bastards!’ I thought when I first saw this sign. Then I realised that it might be more to do with road maintenance rather than actual animal torture!

Those men at work been digging up the road outside our house for a few weeks now. They’re replacing eighty year old gas mains come rain or shine. We can’t park outside our house or on our drive and there’s lots of noise: diggers, dumpers, drilling and the dulcet tones of the contractors getting humpy with impatient motorists. ‘Now you’ve honked that horn, I’m bloody well going to make you wait a bit longer!’ I had a bit of a giggle when I heard that. We’ve become quite chummy with the workmen. They’re pretty grateful because we’re being so reasonable. ‘How are you my lovely?’ one of the young one greets me in a typical Devonian fashion when he sees me outside.

In the olden days it might have been me beeping at the men at work. I didn’t have much patience in the olden day. But I’ve mellowed over the years. Anyway in this case I’ve worked it out that, however irritating road works might be they are normally being done for the good of the community. Short term pain for long term gain. Apparently the work in our own neighbourhood meets concerns about the safety of ancient utilities. There’ve been some incidents of explosions where new infrastructure hasn’t been installed on time. We don’t want that do we? Also I’m only affecting myself when I get all het up about a delay. I may as well just ride it out and listen to something pleasant over the car’s audio system while I’m waiting in the queue. Acceptance is the posh term for it. It’s seems like a pretty sensible policy.

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  1. I feel the same if I’m behind a learner driver who is being annoyingly slow…We all had to learn to drive, and I’m sure I made some silly mistakes, or stalled at the lights. There’s no point agitating them even more. Of course, the French are inveterate horn hooters…

  2. People need to do their jobs, and most people don’t want to be annoying. Adding to the frustration wont help. I love the response the worker gave. We had a summer or two where we had to park blocks away and walk through the park to get home. You would have thought We were left out of our homes the way a few people carried on.

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