MC Escher

In 2018 my son Louis and I spent a week in Lisbon, that coolest of cities, We saw posters everywhere for an exhibition of the work of MC Escher at the Museo de Arte Popular. So I thought it might be a possible on our ‘To Do’ list. Escher’s weird pictures of staircases were the only things that had registered in the past. Lots of my friends had them on their walls in 1980’s student halls of residence.

But then I saw the picture that I’ve used at the top of my blog as part of the publicity. I was blown away with its beauty and cleverness so moved the exhibition up the holiday bucket list.  I’m so glad we got there.  Even Louis was a bit taken by it and he doesn’t normally ‘do’ art. Such mastery.  A lot of the pictures on display were prints from woodcuts. This is a medium not dissimilar to the linocuts that I’ve made in the past.

Below, without much more comment, I’m sharing some of the photos that I took at the exhibition.    As usual these are not perfectly composed. MC Escher with his mathematical precision might not have agreed. He would have tut-tutted I feel.

Alas, I could not share my favourite piece, Metamorphosis II in its entirety as it’s nearly four metres long. Follow the link, have a look at how cleverly one image transforms into another time and time again along the length of the work.

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