When Hot Stuff’s very comfy pocket sprung mattress from his former Somerset home rocked up here it got me thinking. The bed that I sleep in had a memory foam one, now a decade old. When I slept on my side it’s now painful on my hips. I’m sure that I can feel the slats of the frame. Time for a replacement I thought. So, on the grounds of improving my self care, I decided to treat myself in the post Christmas sales.

We spend about a third of our lives in bed and I spend a little longer on top of mine. Don’t tell those sleep experts know who say that the bedroom should just be for kipping and for sex. I sprawl out to read, write, study and work. It has been known for a bit of crafting to take place in the boudoir too. I’m surrounded by bits and pieces all over the bed. It’s a throwback to my teenage years and one of the reasons that I choose to sleep alone. A partner justifiably grumbles when they roll over iin the night onto a cotton reel.

As my mattress sees some sort of entirely wholesome action throughout the day I thought that I’d invest a bit in its replacement. I set myself quite a hefty budget and was delighted when it came in at under half the price, even when I threw in the cost of a mattress protector. I like to research major purchases carefully. After all it’s rare that I spend sums of three figures or more. I carefully perused online reviews and they suggested that the Silentnight 1400 Eco Comfort mattress would do nicely. It’s lovely and firm and has planet saving credentials. There are breathable fabric layers on top of all those springs that are made from recycled bottles. The manufacturer claims that it is fully recyclable at the end of its life. I’m not sure how I’m going to fit it into the green bin though!

We now have two old foam mattress that are not in use. Happily they’re not going to landfill quite yet. We have exciting plans to upcycle them and extend their life by a good few years. More will be revealed in a later post.

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