Back along I bought a stacking matryoshka doll kit and a pack of acrylic pens to make a Christmas present for my great niece Lily. And ta-da! They’re finished. Here’s the result. Little wintery themed animals that nestle into each other. I’d better give credit to Kate’s Creative Space that I found on Pinterest. Her more expertly painted dolls provided the inspiration that got me going. Just for clarification , the weird looking animal second from the left is a seal. The boys have been unkind about that one. They’ve also taken the piss of the robin. Apparently the plumage does not meet muster. I disagree.

Here’s the back view of my animals. Yes, I’ll admit my efforts aren’t to professional standards but no matter. I’m going with the idea that they have pleasing naivety. I think that I’d have made a better job with finer pens. The thick nibs of the one’s that I bought weren’t very forgivng.

I’ll wait and see what Lily thinks. I hope she likes them. I thought that she might have fun lining up the bodies when she’s developed a bit more dexterity. Of course they might have to adorn a high shelf in her bedroom until she’s of an age where they can’t do harm. A teething baby and untreated acrylic paint might not be a good mix!

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