Mango Mosaics Part 2

Following my post about Mango Mosaics where I introduced Caroline Jariwala and her beautiful home, here’s another. This YouTube video is a lovely introduction to this interesting and talented woman. There’s lots more if you’re interested. We had such a brilliant day with her, full of creativity and laughter. Caroline makes a mean soup for lunch and brownies too. Her courses are highly recommended for people of all abilities.

I was so fired up when I returned home. Eagerly I set about finishing my piece as soon as I got in the door. Silly me. I thought that the whine of a power tool was the perfect backdrop to the Grand Prix on TV. Hot Stuff disagreed and we had a ding dong….’Bloody sawing,….Sunday evening should be a quiet time….blah! blah! blah!’ ‘Okay go and get yourself a boring girlfriend who isn’t always making things all over the dining room table!’ I recall shouting. It can get a bit Latino here. Better out than in is the mantra. A friend once told me that her aunt and uncle never had an argument until she stabbed him. Yikes!

All was forgiven the next day when Hot Stuff finished sawing my mosaic into a circle, a peace offering perhaps. He’s better at that kind of thing than me. Next time round I’ll cut the backing material to shape before I start sticking bits on it. I think it’ll be easier that way round.

Here’s all the participants on Saturday’s course at the end of the day with their mosaics, all so different and in various stages of completeness. Spiky Kay made a lovely ‘Day of the Dead’ skull. Her work is always so precise. She’s already been down her local tile shop for supplies to finish it and done a deal with the woman who works there, who going to tip her the nod now when they’ve got cheap end of line stuff in stock. Red Mel on the left had her piece grouted by Caroline as one of her demonstrations. Cheat! Her piece included weird black rocks that she’d found on a memorable weekend away.

So here’s my finished work. Caroline is a brilliant teacher and I’m pleased with what I learned. No-one had ever shown me the range of techniques for using my tile nippers before but Caroline demonstrated this very ably. All the materials are included in the price. Caroline even provided the fittings to hang the finished mosaic. I think that there might be a space on a mad wall for it.

I experimented with using patterned and irregular shaped mosaic pieces, something I’d never done before. I’m pleased with how this turned out and how the colours go together. The match at the top of the dress with the angel head and halo was a complete accident! Going on I’d like to advance my skills by producing something with more carefully shaped pieces. Here’s another clever one of Caroline’s that will provide inspiration.

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  1. Lovely write up Julie!
    I’d like to share it on my Mango Mosaics website later, if I may… and I’m technically able to 😉
    Hope it produces more blog followers. You deserve it! Love your humour 🧡😉😘

  2. Great blog, reading this has reminded me what a fun time I had when I made a mosaic with Caroline some years ago now and how I really must do it again! I can concur that Caroline is great fun and an excellent teacher!

  3. Love reading this! I’m a huge fan of Caroline since I discovered her work online (In 2014 in Chili as part of an amazing ‘mosaic Intervention’ collaboration with many other artists). I’m in the USA in California & live vicariously as a ‘wannabe’ student of Mango Mosaics. Your blog made me totally smile, thank you. I better get cracking! Love your mosaic and I too am a dining room table appropriator lol.

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