Mango Mosaics Part 1

Trips away with my girls have resumed! This is the first of a mini-series of posts about a trip to Birmingham that Red Mel, Spiky Kay and I made at the weekend. I’ve been mosaicking for years now and have shown off bits of my work here before. Everything I’ve made had been from vitreous glass tiles, little squares. I’d hankered after using tiles and broken china to create more random forms but didn’t know where to start. Caroline Jariwala had come onto my radar a few years back. I knew that she was the woman who could help. So we booked onto one of her one day workshops. We were very excited. We’d been meaning to do one of these for ages.

Here’s Caroline is in her lovely light workshop where she gets on with her own projects and runs classes. The panels in my main picture today adorn one of its wall. Caroline has a wonderful one woman business, Mango Mosaics. She uses the picassiette method of the craft, using broken and unwanted crockery, end of line tiles and other bits on bobs. It’s all very green indeed. Neighbours know what she’s up to an leave bags of china on her doorstep. How wonderful is that!

Caroline gave us directions to her house and it was so easy to pick out hers from the others in the street. A theme emerged even before we made it up the steps. Today I’ll focus on the work that she’s made around her wonderfully quirky home. Once I’ve grouted the piece that I made I’ll talk about the course and show you what the other participants produced.

Here’s the back garden! Ideas for our own tiny space. I’m thinking about something glorious like this to cover up the back wall. Maybe a sea theme to match its location.

Ah! These fish will do nicely as inspiration!

Inside the house inspiration for future work continues. Here’s the splashback behind Caroline’s cooker. The men that I live with are more minimalist in their taste than me. I have to think of them when doing up our own home. But I think that this might pass muster sold on the basis of utility!

And I’ve already talked about making some window panels to hide the view of ugly industrial units at the side of the house. Something like this glass on glass panel on Caroline’s back door would do the trick nicely and cast beautiful beams of light onto the landing and the stairs.

Here’s a lovely lady leading you into the garden.

And there’s more on the wall of the dining room. I’m particularly loving that swan with his clever plumage.

Here’s Caroline’s work in progress on another wall in the dining room. It’s one of a series of three mandalas.

And wow! The landing upstairs. It lead to a bathroom that, aside from an orange toilet seat, was really rather restrained.

All that creativity has got to me. I’m itching to grout. Best get on with it. Hopefully I’ll be able to show off what I made in tomorrow’s post.

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