Mango Mosaics Update

Back in November I had a girl’s weekend away in Birmingham with my friends Red Mel and Spiky Kay. As part of our time away we had a brilliant day of mosaicking with Caroline Jarawala from Mango Mosaics. Here’s a link to my blog post about the work that we created. In one of the pictures you’ll see Spiky Kay proudly showing of her uncompleted ‘Day of the Dead’ skull. Well she’s finished it now and has given me permission to share it. Isn’t it absolutely spectacular? I especially love her colour palette and the intricately cut teeth make from pieces of a retro plate. She’s up for making lots more designs and has cut a deal with a local tile shop who will contact her when they have broken odds and sods and ends of line that they can’t get rid of to normal people!

I’m on a creative roll too at the moment. It’s such good self therapy. After completing my ornithological research I’ve drafted a cormorant house number design. I’ve now started to ‘colour it in’ with little bits of glass and ceramic tiles. However I thought that I’d show how the majority of my larger pieces start off. I cover a drawing on squared paper with cling film and then top it with plastic mesh. It’s an easy material to work on as it’s light, transparent and can be moved around.

I gifted the small heart mosaic that included shards of slate from a local walk to my counsellor the other day. It was my final session session with her and I wanted to thank her for the insights that she had helped me reach. I showed her the piece during the session and it lead to a wider discussion about my mosaicking. She said something along the lines of how it was interesting that I was drawn to a hobby where I make broken things into a whole. I’d never thought of the craft in that way before. It seems that it has parallels to other areas of my life.

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