Manchester Bee

Photo: For Me and For You

I’m not really a fan of greetings cards. For starters they can nearly cost as much to send as to buy these days. And then what do you do with them after the big event that they commemorate? There’s the odd one or two that I want to keep because of their extra special sentiments or as artistic inspiration. But in the most part they hang around until I have a decluttering splurge and then I chuck them guiltily in the recycling. Sorry guys!

But the cards by ‘For Me and For You’ caught my eye. I’ve bought three for some lucky people that I have in mind. They depict the Manchester Bee, a symbol of the city’s illustriousness since the 18th century. Apparently there’s a shedload of the little creatures to spot around town. A little game of buzzy I-spy might be enough to tempt me up North for a trip!

Anyway it seems that Jax and Stewart who own ‘For Me and For You’ are with me in sharing the greeting card disposal guilt complex. So with their Manchester Bee cards they’ve aimed to produce something a bit more long lasting. The beautiful bee can be removed from its cardboard backing and hung as a keepsake. Apparently their laser cut products cast wonderful shadows when lit up. Wow! It would definitely be a keeper if someone sent it to me. I hope that my friends think their little bees will be worthy of hanging onto too.

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  1. I love those cards – and they’re not that much more exoensive that ordinary cards. I will be thinking of sending some…I just need to wait until I’m in the UK to order them!!
    I tend to tuck my old cards away randomly between books and then read them and smile at the memories. Or I recycle them. Or cut off the front and stick it with blu tack on my study wall….

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