Man and Boy

The history of my beautiful home town of Brixham is entrenched in the fishing industry. It’s still a thriving port today. When I bought my house here the estate agent tried to big it up by comparing it with posh neighbours. ‘It’s going to be the next Dartmouth or Salcombe.’ Ye gods I hope not! The fishermen help it to retain its down to earth feel.

This statue on the quay is one of the points on my most popular run. ‘I’ll just see if I can make it to the Man and Boy.’ I think to myself. On a good day I’ll run further, to the King Bill pub or the marina or right out to the lighthouse on the end of the Breakwater if I’m really up for it. The statue looks like it’s been a permanent feature of the town. In fact it was only unveiled just over five years ago. In its short life though it’s taken on monumental significance to the town. It commemorates the fishing industry and lives lost at sea. So when the Joanna C went down with the death of two crewmen their families, friends and townspeople congregated at the Man and Boy and left candles, flowers and cans of their favourite tipple.

The money to fund the creation of the Man and Boy was raised by a local charity set up for the purpose. It’s the work of local sculptor, Elisabeth Hadley. Maybe it’s a mark of the statue’s popularity that she’s been commissioned to produce another work in Torbay after a landslide public vote. So I’m really looking forward to seeing Agatha Christie sitting on a bronze bench on The Strand at Torquay. They’ll be a space next to her to sit and have a chat about dastardly crime!

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  1. Having lived landlocked my whole life, I love the ocean. I’m fortunate to live at least in a river town, and near many lakes, but not the same, but at least some water. I like your running goals and using the statue as a marker. Like a greeting for your good work.

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