Our allotment is on an old municipal dump. There’s bits of broken china everywhere. I’m as happy as Larry. On every trip over there I come back with these little shards that will be ideal for future mosaic projects. I’ve just got to have a think about what to make.

There’s so much of the stuff that I don’t collect any plain white china. If I ever needed some I could get enough to meet my needs in one trip. It’s just the coloured stuff I collect and any white bits that have writing on them. I’ve seen some interesting makes using these. Hot Stuff gets a bit embarrassed when I go grubbing around the edges of other people’s plots. He says that I’m like a magpie and it looks like i thieving veg. However he’ll sometimes help out I spot a particularly shiny treasure that’s just out of reach.

Bits of broken crockery aren’t the only scavenging treasure I’ve found lately in my role as a human magpie. On the way to the plot the other day a householder had put out a box of bits. I spied a very kitsch china carriage clock. The base and face can be broken up for mosaicking but it was its glass dome that I was interested in. Could it be the ideal thing to keep the slugs from eating my rhubarb leaves?

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  1. I find repurposing & rescuing things so rewarding & I think the world needs much more of it, in conjunction with buying less ‘stuff’. Hubbies favourite rescues include the elastic bands that our local postpeople throw onto the ground. Mine is ice cream/lolly sticks as plant labels.
    I look forward to seeing more of your mosaics.

  2. I’ve seen stepping stones or even table tops made with cement and broken dishes and pottery and always think it would be lovely additions to my porch and rock area. I’ll be curious what you turn your treasure into.

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