Another magpie-ing story to add to the one from the other day recounting my allotment finds. I had teeth envy when my friend Spiky Kay made her Day of the Dead skull at last year’s Mango Mosaics workshop. She’d used the rim of retro plates to make them. It gave me all sorts of ideas for future creations incorporating similar bits of broken china. If I could only find them without paying through the nose for complete bits of china.

The other day I popped into town and found this tea set in one of the charity shops for the princely sum of £2.50. I umm-ed, ahh-ed, walked away but regretted my decision. How pleased was I when I returned to the shop and found that it had been reduced to £1.25. Even though I only had a tiny shopping bag I snapped it up like a shot. It was a tortuous walk back up the hill home. I had other shopping too. But it was oh so worth it.

What’s more I had a word with the lovely lady in the shop. She’s agreed to let me have any broken/unsold china that I fancy for a donation. What a win-win situation! I’m looking forward to seeing what turns up and whether I’ll be able to mix them with my allotment magpie finds.

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  1. I look forward to seeing your creations! As I mentioned elsewhere, I have various charms and bits that I’m happy to send to you…In a small padded envelope I don’t think there would be any customs implications sending from the enlightened EU to the backward Brexit Britain (smiley winky emoji…)
    Let me know if they could be of use.

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