The Magic Robot

Do you want to be transported back to the technically simpler times? Well today let me do that by reminiscing about the Magic Robot, a game that we used to have in my childhood home.  I’m not sure who owned it.  I’d like to think it was mine. But there’s always a danger of an argument with my brother over possession.  I have a kitsch little angel plague on my bedside cabinet that has been around for as long as I remember. I must show it off sometime. My brother insists was his when he was wee. I am adamant that it was mine. I can even picture where it was placed on my bedroom pelmet. We will have to agree to differ.

The Magic Robot was inserted into the ‘Questions’ side of his board.  There were overlays on the board for different subjects.  A pointer  was used to select a question .  You then moved the little green plastic bot over to the other side of the board.  By magnetic trickery he came up with the correct answer every time.  Even when I’d worked out the mechanics of what was happening the game still fascinated me.  Although the game is can be had on eBay I think I’ll pass on a replacement.  I’m not so sure it would hold my attention for long in these faster times.   What I do still love though are those fabulous retro graphics.

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