Mad Walls

In my heart to hearts I yearn to be a minimalist but it is not to be. For I love things that catch my eye and there are many pops of colour throughout my home. So that every surface isn’t covered with meaningful knick knacks, I’ve created mad walls, as named by my son because he thinks that they are a crazy idea. Here’s the one in the spare bedroom. It’s a little cacophony of things that I’ve been gifted, picked up on my travels and bagged in the charity shops. Things are held in place by adhesive plate holders. They stick to anything, not just crockery, and come in all sorts of different sizes.

This is the other mad wall in my home, in the lounge. The eye testing light that is also in shot is the result of successful skip diving at a hospital where I used to work. Of course I asked permission. I’ve tried to include a variety of textures and materials as I’ve done in the room upstairs. There’s china but also plastic and cloth items. And a bit of metal. The unassuming rusty thing half way up on the left is a bit of the West Pier at Brighton. At least I like to think it is. I found it on the beach nearby.

Mad Walls are love and hate like Marmite. But my American friend, The Second Martha Stewart, loved it and asked me to create her one of her own in the study. So I obliged. I had great fun making it and scouring her home for things to hang. Her version turned out a little more sedate. Except if you look very closely there’s a little bag bought from Oz that claims to be a kangaroo’s scrotum!

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