Lucy Sparrow

I’m going back to the Grayson’s Art Club exhibition that I visited recently in Bristol. It was such a rich source of inspiration. One of my favourite pieces was a clinical area accessorised with hundreds of felt bits and pieces by the artist Lucy Sparrow. I’m a big fan of hers. I find her work cute, quirky and thought provoking at the same time. Who else makes a shedload of anti-depressants out of matted wool?

The intricate nature of this installation was fantastic. I urge you to enlarge my first image to have a good look. I especially like the detail in the medication packets and also the very cute body parts. Maybe not entirely anatomically correct though. I don’t recall that hearts have eyes.

Many years ago Louis and I visited the now defunct Seale Hayne College site. There was a hodgepodge of things to do there and we went frequently. I fondly remember a screening of ‘Jaws’ that we watched in the swimming pool. At one time it had a Lucy Sparrow exhibit. I bought Louis a felt hand grenade which he has treasured even though it’s now a bit bobbly. I showed him my Lucy Sparrow pictures from the art club exhibition. He was impressed. ‘Look at these.’ he said to his girlfriend. ‘I had one of this woman’s works of art before she was famous!’

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