Lockdown Elephants

The 2020 lockdowns were so good for my creative output. As evidence have a look at all those NHS rainbows that I made. I haven’t been as nearly as productive as last year. But then I’ve been doing other things, socialising, studying and visiting farther flung places again so I’m not going to beat myself up.

My nephew and his girlfriend have moved just down the coast. It’s lovely having them just a wee way away. They bought their first home together and as a moving in present I made them the lockdown elephants. The denim blue colour is a good match to the feature wall in their dining room and the lady of the household is rather partial to the big grey beasties.

My tiles are never perfectly spaced. I look in awe at the work of people who are more precise. My friend Spiky Kay makes stuff like that. She must measure her grout lines with a micrometer!

Nor is my artwork very intricate. I look to the so-called naive artists to tip me the wink and give me the go-ahead to do what I do. I’ll introduce some of my unschooled arty heroes at a later date. If you look closely at these lockdown elephants you’ll see that they have their flaws. But I aimed for perfection I’d never get anything done. So I just get on with it and do my own thing, warts and all.

I’m adding a heart to most of my mosaics these days. It’s become like a signature. As is sticking to squares although here I’ve been a dare devil and used a few rectangles!

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