Litter Picker

In my attempt to pretty up my latest mundane purchase I have photographed it on one of the granny blankets that are dotted around the house. I love this one. Not my own work I hasten to add. As I’ve mentioned before both knitting and crocheting bewilder me. No I’ve bought myself a litter picker. What am I going to do with it? Well it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to guess that I’m going out litter picking.

I’m on a quest to help my fellow creatures and the environment but without making a regular commitment of time. A woman that I knew stopped me in the street the other day to ask if we’d be interested in volunteering to beautify our local path. So I went to a meeting where I discovered that no regular commitment was required. The group will meet once a month for two hours. I’m up for that when we’re around. In the interim between group tidying, if anyone wants to do a bit of impromptu clearing up then a lovely person from the local cleaning company will log individual efforts. This will give an idea of the amount of time that will be needed to do the job properly.

And I thought that my litter picker could have a wider use. It’s foldable so it won’t take up much space in the motorhome. I can then take it away to use when I do my holiday beach cleans. And nearer to home I’ve noticed that debris gathers under the nearby disused railway bridge. I might take it on myself to be the official tidy upper of this spot.

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