Lighthouse Mosaic

Now that my son has flown the nest along with his gaming computer I have my workspace back. So finally I’m going to start the Tinner’s Rabbits house sign for my friend Aril from Gnat Bottomed Towers. Yesterday I drew the first of the three bunnies. Or they could be hares. I’ve been reprimanded my someone from a historical society for suggesting that these creatures are rabbits.

The design is more complex than most from a planning point of view. I’ve even had to get a compass out. Other aspects of the piece are still at the musing stage. What font should I use for the house number? Which colour theme would be good? What else aside from the long eared creatures am I going to incorporate into the design? From experience I know that this pondering can go on for a week or two. I find it an enjoyable part of the creative process.

In the interim I thought that I’d show off a previous piece of work. I made this lighthouse mosaic early on in my mosaicking career. It was maybe the third or fourth thing that I completed. It started off life as a very scruffy charity shop find and only cost a pound or two. I’m not even sure if it was a lamp in the first place. I think that I added the electrical fittings and recycled a small jar to house the bulb. I chopped away some spindly bits of wood that held the roof on. And then I covered it in tiny glass squares.

The lighthouse mosaic has been sitting in a table in my sun room, purely as decoration, for many a year. But when the space was requisitioned as a tool store I moved it to the bedroom where it now sits on top of the wardrobe. I’m minded to replace the bulb before the darker nights draw in so that it can shine out bright in its seaside home.

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