Leonard Cohen

Four months into my blogging re-emergence and I’m surprised that I haven’t written about Leonard Cohen yet. He’s been a constant on my journey for a quarter of a century, first introduced to me by a friend. We used to go back to her house after pub closing time and indulge ourselves in late night maudlin sessions. Hard to believe for someone who now thinks that 10:30 is a late night.

Leonard has a reputation for being a bit miserable and okay, his earlier works can be a little dour and mournful. But his humour often shines through in those perfectly crafted lyrics. And like myself, he seemed to get perkier and perkier with advancing years.

Here’s my favourite track of all time, played live in London. I was there! You can hear me on the soundtrack album whooping away as I was fairly near the front. ‘That’s you, Mummy’. said Louis when he first heard it played. I was going through a bout of depression at that time. On that night Leonard cheered me up for three hours, a perfect light in a storm. Here’s my favourite track of all that contains lessons that have stayed with me in life.

Leonard Cohen passed just over five years ago now. That day, I was with someone who’d never heard of him. They were bemused by my tears. Yet other people knew how much his music meant to me. On the day his death was announced I got loads of commiserations, like the one from my ex-husband when I phoned make childcare arrangements. ‘I’m sorry your man has died.’

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  1. I still miss him. I meant to comment on your Brum post, the last time I went I to Brum was the day after we had been to see Leonard Cohen at Brum NEC. A great night and the only time I ever saw him live. I miss his music and his knowledge.
    I never understood the people who found him depressing but then I first encountered his poetry when I was about 17. His music cheers my soul. Anthem one of my favourites too.

    • Lovely to connect with another big fan. I sort of get that there’s more of the earlier stuff that is quite morose. But it seems valid to capture human emotion. His humour seemed to shine through more and more as he got older.

  2. Yes, a great musician. Funny how we as humans form real connection s to people we have never met. It does not make the connection any less real. I’m glad you have people in your life that get that.

  3. I was at that concert – still the best concert I have ever been to. Somehow he managed to make the O2 feel like an intimate venue. Truly amazing.

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