Last Month Round Up

Isn’t a blog supposed to be a diary? Me, I think that you can make it what you want it to be. So I thought that I’d do a little round up of what’s happening in my life, just in case anyone out there in blogland has the remotest interest.

  1. I’ve started studying again after a break of a couple of months. Sensory assessment is going to occupy my mind until after Christmas. I’m cracking ahead and surprising myself by enjoying it.
  2. I saw Rag ‘n’ Bone man in concert at Plymouth, hence the obligatory fuzzy snap. A lovely evening catching up with Scary Secretary who I used to work with, watching a huge man who made his guitar look very small. Sadly Hot Stuff couldn’t join us. He was too poorly.
  3. Nor could he manage the motorhome holiday we’d planned, I didn’t fancy dealing with a medical emergency on a Cornish cliff. Yes, it’s pretty bad. Luckily he has a consultant appointment tomorrow. Private as an NHS one hasn’t materialised. There’s a four month wait for two week emergency appointments. I don’t normally like to moan but will because I can’t be sunny all the time. Healthcare in this country is very sick itself. We are lucky to be able to pay. I feel that lives may be lost for those who are not so fortunate.

4. Instead of going away we ate out and hung out on local beaches. Here’s a self portrait I left at Beesands. The belly and the hair are accurate portrayals. We’re lucky to live where others come on holiday themselves.

5. Louis has started to think about a future career. He fancies teaching so has submitted an application for an assistant role just so that he can work out whether he really wants to work in education. I’m so pleased that he didn’t go to university and study a subject he wasn’t really interested in. He’s experiencing student life as he spends a lot of time with his girlfriend who lives in Cardiff and training to be a primary school teacher.

6. I’m really enjoying Twitter, scheduling tweets ahead and treating them as micro blog posts, an extension to what I do here. Louis said that Twitter was poisonous but, in the corner I’ve found I disagree. I try to curate what I post thoughtfully and follow people who will add something to my life. So far it’s working. Pop on over if you have a moment and see what I’ve discovered to share. (@lovelygreyday)

7. And a little update on the decluttering challenge that I set myself at the beginning of the month. It felt like I’d done well . A particularly junk filled pocket of my home, behind a chair in the spare room is now clear. I’ve recycled clothes, duvet, books and plastic at the recycling centre and in my green bins. The charity shop did well. I gifted a dehumidifier to a colleague with a damp flat, sold unopened perfume for a tidy sum on Ebay and returned a spare piece of uniform to work. Even so, on a tangible level, I was nowhere near my target. I only got rid of about a third of my goal. So I’ve cheated and gone virtual!

I’ve been thinking about my digital footprint as I’ve just come to realise the environmental effect of data storage. All my emails, photos, files and videos are kept on massive servers that use a vast amount of energy. Here’s a useful link if you want to know more. So I’ve reached my decluttering target by deleting stuff on my laptop and phone, especially thinking about how to curb the storage of duplicate information. A teeny tiny step in the right direction individually I know. But if lots of us did the same thing I’m sure that it might make a substantial difference.

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