Land’s End x 3

Fisterra, Spain

Before we were confined to barracks by the dreaded lurgy my boys and I visited three Land’s Ends, the most westerly points in England, France and Spain in less than a year.

Pointe de Raz, France

The first was the Point de Raz in Finisterre, Brittany.  The name of the region it’s located in means ‘End of the World’.   The outcrop becomes rockier and rockier and the boys thought that, given that I’m accident prone, it was best if I remained on terra firma inland.  It didn’t stop them having a lovely chat about how much richer financially they’d be if I were dead.

Whereas we had the French Land’s End mostly to ourselves the one at Fisterra in Galicia, Spain was way busier even though it was more understated.  Just two gift shops, a little cafe, a ramshackle sign and a dolphin statue are situated on the approach to the site.  The nearby town of the same name is where Hot Stuff had this paella, the best meal of his life (probably).

There is a lot of hype about how expensive Land’s End is in Cornwall but it wasn’t for us. We’d snuck in by walking a couple of miles from Sennen Cove, instead of parking on site.   We were there with friends for an out of season cobweb blowing away house party in the Youth Hostel at St Just.  Yep Land’s End is as tacky as they say.  But if you resist the gift shops and paying a fortune to having a photo near its famous signpost it’s free. And it had to be done to complete our ‘End of the Earth’ trio of excursions.

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