Lafuma Recliner

Today I’m going to talk about one of my favourite possessions that’s stood the test of time. Here it is on a previous Breton holiday. Louis camped with a friend on the very same pitch that we’re on now. It has its own tor! I’ve had my Lafuma lounger for over a decade. I know that because I separated from my ex-husband in 2012. He never let me bring it away in the motorhome. Something to do with excess weight. Men are a bit obsessed about payload. I still have a bit of argy-bargy with Hot Stuff on the same topic but have solved it by buying him a similar version of his own to cosy up in. That did the trick. Even though we’ve more than doubled the weight of the chairs we bring away he doesn’t seem to notice now.

Now the proper Lafuma recliner wasn’t cheap when I bought it. The figure of eighty quid is springing to mind and I see that they’ve gone up a bit since. But I wish I’d bought another for Hot Stuff. I regret getting a cheaper knock off second chair. Firstly it’s a lot heavier. It also isn’t standing the test of time. Its headrest has already fallen off and its getting clunkier to open.

Now that’s not to say that I haven’t had problems with the Lafuma recliner. Here’s a picture from my old blog. I was using it in the conservatory of my old home. The strapping that holds the canvas to the frame broke. Oops! I put it down to eating too many pies but the real reason is that the elastic degrades after a while. Maybe the heat in the glass walled room didn’t help.

I see that there’s a newer and dearer Lafuma recliner with a more robust attachment system. However, all was not lost with my own chair. You can get replacement straps. Isn’t it good when you find a product where you can get spares? In the thirteen or so years I’ve had the chair I’ve ‘rewired’ it twice. Not bad as it gets tonnes of use and it has to support the weight of a slightly lardy lady. And so it has lived on to survive another day. There’s plenty more years where I’ll be snoozing and reading in the old girl yet!

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  1. As a fellow “slightly lardy old lady” can I say that phrase is so funny! Made me chuckle! Have enjoyed reading about your trip to Brittany very much.

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