Keeping Warm This Winter

Here’s a sweet little scene that I snapped a few years back. It’s from the Model Village at Babbacombe just along the coast from us. Now before visiting I thought that this place would be super naff. But I eat my hat. Louis and I had a wonderful day out. The little tableaux were delightful, so full of detail. There was even a streaker.

Apparently one in four Brits will not be turning their heating on this winter. I am concerned, not only for their personal wellbeing but for the structural integrity of homes around the country, However I’m hopeful that it won’t come to this. Surely the new leader of the Conversative Party has something up their sleeve? I predict political suicide as well as an upsurge in damp problems and frozen pipes if not.

Just in case we have to struggle on we’ve been having a think about what we can do to keep the chills at bay. Here’s a few of the ideas that we’ve come up with.

  • We’ve already stocked up with logs for the wood burner. We got in quick before everyone has the idea that they might be needed to rely on solid fuel more than usual. A massive trailer full to share with our neighbours arrived the other week. Hot Stuff has invested in a cordless chainsaw from the middle of Lidl. He’s talking about keeping it in the back of the car just in case we come across fallen trees to supplement our stash.
  • The heating will stay on low to protect the house. At least 12 degrees is the recommended temperature. But that’s way chillier than I like. So in all probability we’ll be spending a whole lot more time in the living room, home of that log burner.
  • We’ll be wearing more clothes and making use of my extensive blanket collection. My naughty habit of heating the house like we’re in the tropics and wandering around in a vest top might be over. It’s probably for the best anyway. Of course my hooded fleecy thing will come out of storage. I might even treat myself to a second for when my original one is in the wash.
  • There’s a lot that needs doing to the house to insulate it properly but it’s not going to happen overnight. Rome was not built in a day after all. However we’ve worked out that we might be entitled to a grant for cavity wall insulation on income grounds. Hot Stuff put in an application the other day. We’re waiting to see if we qualify.
  • Do you remember when pensioners used to decamp to all inclusive resorts for the winter? We’ve drawn on that idea and intend to move a planned holiday forward. Heading south in the bleak mid winter instead of the warmer days of spring could save a fair bit of money. We’ll be able to drastically reduce gas and electricity consumption while we’re away. It will mean that we’ll benefit from lower season travel costs too. I’ve nearly convinced Hot Stuff that a trip to Southern Spain may be quite cost effective if we’re away for a month or so.
  • Funnily enough it was always on the cards that we’d use less fuel after we’ve retired. Working from home involved a awful lot of sitting around. We’re a whole lot more physically active than we ever used to be. By exercising and working outside we can use our own body heat to keep warm and toasty!
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