Keeping eBay Selling Simple

This is a pair of nutcrackers that have been hanging around in my kitchen for years. I believe that they were originally a charity shop find and cost a couple of quid. But in spite of being pretty, they weren’t brilliant for the purpose that they were made for. And anyway we don’t often have nuts in shells that often. So, in the spirit of decluttering I popped them in my eBay shop and a bloke offered me twenty five quid for them. It would have been rude not to!

My eBay selling is going well in spite of other sellers on YouTube saying that it’s a quiet time of the year. There are two days each week when auctions end. On Wednesday this week I sold seven items. That’s a lot of wrapping and label printing. Not that I’m ungrateful but I don’t really want to be making more sales than this on a regular basis. I’m not into having a full-time business, just something that earns me a little cash to fuel my motorhoming habit.

So in the interest of keeping Ebay selling simple I’m developing a few strategies. I’m trying to make life easy for myself by favouring items that are easy to wrap. If something looks particularly complicated because of the number of pieces or its delicacy I’ll pass it by. The Small Town Small Time Bookseller gave me the idea of adding books into the mix. It’s no big deal parcelling them up. Textiles are good. They’re easy to wrap. And I’m looking out for bits of jewellery because they’re so simple to post. I’ve just bought some little padded envelopes that are just the ticket.

I don’t routinely allow offers. That means I don’t have tonnes of new messages coming in all the time. If someone really wants something they’ll message me, like Nutcracker Man did. I only list a maximum of fifteen new items a week. Overall I’ve decided to limit the items in the shop to one hundred so storage doesn’t become an issue. There’s currently about fifty at most. I thought that it would be easy to reach the magic figure so that I’d have a good selection of stuff before the anticipated Christmas rush. But I keep selling stuff so my stock depletes! I keep having to remind myself that this is actually good news.

It’s been easy so far to find things around the house to top up charity shop finds. But now there’s less and less of our own possessions to sell off. I’m going to have to find more stock from outside the home in a time efficient manner. Maybe a car boot sale or two will yield richer pickings. Or I’ll look for job lots on eBay to break up. As a rough guide I’m trying to make a profit of a tenner for each item so I’m getting more discerning about what I buy to sell on. Ultimately I’d like to be selling less stuff for a bigger profit. But it’s going to take time to work out what items give me more bang for my buck. It’s very much a learning process.

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