Kayak Mosaic

It’s a ‘here’s one I made earlier’ post today, showing off my kayak mosaic, one of my favourites that I’ve made. It was fun to make and I was delighted with the end-product It’s going to be above the fireplace in our dining room once we’ve decorated in there. I made this as a gift for Hot Stuff, a keen kayaker, for our first Christmas today. When I told him that I was going to be making something as his present he didn’t have a clue what it could be. He thought that I might be knitting a scarf or hat. In theory I know how to knit but you wouldn’t want me to make you something to wear! I get the tension all wrong and drop stitches. It makes for something very misshapen and holey. I’ll leave clever stuff with pointy needles and wool to others.

I constructed the kayak mosaic on my dining room table. I had to hide it away every time Hot Stuff visited at the weekends. No mean feat because it’s quite large. I was a little concerned that my newish boyfriend might not like it but I needn’t have worried. ‘That’s lovely!’ he said when I revealed it on Christmas morning. High praise indeed. He’s not overly forthcoming with compliments, preferring jokey jibes. ‘You’re beautiful.’ he tells me with his glasses off. Then he replaces them and startles. That’s the measure of the man he is.

Photo: Pinterest

Now it’s very rude not to acknowledge the source of inspiration for a crafting piece. I’m happy to admit that this beautiful piece was the starting point for my own work. However I can’t find the artist to seek permission or credit. I hope that they don’t mind me sharing in this context. It’s easy to spot the similarities in my own mosaic, the winding river, viewing angle and colour palette for example. But I think I’ve made enough changes for it not to be viewed as an out and out copy: square tiles, fatter men (like my own live in paddler!) , an extra kayak….. Of course, being an out and out copycat is considered bad form too!

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