Isn’t this a gorgeously stylish Jesus? As I’ve explained in an earlier post I’m not a Christian. But I will acknowledge that there is a lot of inspired stuff in the Bible, words to guide a life lived well. ‘Just not lest ye be judged’ Matthew 7:1 is one I’ve been working on in recent years. Not that I always succeed but I give it a go. I do sometimes release the blame fairy when someone is being a complete knob! But being non judg`mental has become more important because of where I work. It allows me to take a compassionate stance with people who’ve done truly dreadful things. My role is not one that involves doling out restorative justice. I’ll leave that to others.

I’m not the only non Christian that takes inspiration from this verse. Here’s a quite beautiful song by R.E.M, a fave band of mine that draws on the very same words.

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  1. I adore that REM song, a standout track from New Adventures In HiFi, and I always sing “judge not les ye be judged” to that tune whenever I come across it. Hopefully not always out loud!

    I too am working on being less judgemental, thanks for reminding me to give folks a little grace.

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