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Happy New Year! Is it me or is Mr Janus, the god of transitions and beginnings getting a bit lairy here? Maybe he’s had one too many on New Year’s Eve. Who know? Each year the media often compile a review of the year’s events instead of offering original material.  ‘That’s so lazy’, I’ve thought.  But today, I am going to embrace hypocrisy wholeheartedly and do the same thing!

What can I say about 2021? Even though we’ve been stifled by travel restrictions and Hot Stuff’s extended period of illness it’s not been a bad year at all. I wonder if the ‘C’ word has taught me to be more content to stay at home and in its environs. Even so we’ve ventured a little further afield than in 2020. I’ve made it to Wales, Cornwall and Birmingham with Hot Stuff and friends.

Live music resumed later in the year and I was especially taken by seeing Elbow’s first live appearance in eighteen months and my introduction to the wonderful Seasick Steve. The first unit of my sensory integration course is done and dusted. Thanks to the Duolingo, that mad owl, I’ve progressed in my Spanish learning. I’ve managed to wild swim at least once a month and jog around the block pretty often. And in spite of the easing of restrictions I’ve continued to exercise creativity regularly. Of course I started my blog again and my mosaicking has been going especially nicely.

Louis did well in his A-levels and is on the road to working out what he might like to do career wise. He starts a job as a supply teaching assistant in the New Year. Hot Stuff sold his home in Somerset so it seems that he’s moved to Devon permanently! Health wise he’s in the process of having a good going over by the NHS and has recently started treatment.

Some of those Round Robin cards could fool you into believing that life is picture perfect.  However I’ll ‘fess up to what hasn’t gone so well.   In spite of pretty good self care I took a mental tumble towards the end of the year. A high pressure job and a poorly partner’s often alarming symptoms took their toll. Not only am I taking extra special care of my partner I’ve had to take a break from work and studies to get myself back on track.

The head of Janus is definitely looking forward positively though. Obviously there are more concerts, a return to foreign travel is hopefully on the cards and I have a head full of stuff that I want to make. But major things are afoot too. I am so dying to let the cat out of the bag. After all I was the type of kid who knew what every single Christmas present was before the big day. However, against my natural inclination, I’ll leave the imaginery moggie in there for the moment. We have marvellous plans that will hopefully change our lives for the better. I’ll share then in 2022 as they unfold. Maybe when Janus looks back on this year he’ll do so with a great big smile!

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