Jack Savoretti

There’s a fair few concerts coming up in the next couple of months, most rescheduled from the time when the lurgy struck but others booked since. On Thursday we went to see Jack Savoretti in Plymouth for a second time. My obligatory grainy picture is from September 2019. To be honest it doesn’t make much difference when it was taken. My concert photos are always cack.

Wikipedia describes Jack Savoretti as an acoustic musician but his music crosses genres. There’s certainly some rock as well and a bit of jazz funk. His reputation as a crooner may be the reason why the audience was made up of older people. I reckon we were representative of its average age but a fair few fifty somethings had brought their parents too. From our vantage point in the third row of seats we watched a woman some years older than us shaking her bootie. You go Madam!

Mr Savoretti is a showman through and through. I’m absolutely in awe of the way that he can wow an audience. And he has an amazingly accomplished band of musicians who make complicated arrangements appear effortless. No wonder we went back for second helpings. The 2022 gig didn’t disappoint and we could well be back in 2023 if he has a tour then.

Anyway I’m going to share a YouTube recording from the 2019 concert. It was filmed by someone who is better with a camera than me. It features the amazing Phil Grannell, one of the backing musicians. I’m a sucker for a bit of fiddle playing. When played well it sounds like an extra voice. ‘Soldier’s Eyes’, which is enhanced heavily with violin accompaniment was performed this time too. On both occasions I have been moved to tears.

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