J A Currie

Sometimes I go back to my former blog for inspiration. Although it’s not publicly accessible anymore I’ve kept it as a resource for my own perusal. I came across a post from 2012 about this painting by the elusive J A Currie. It reminded me that the mystery of its origin remains unsolved a decade later.

I spotted this painting in the  RSPCA charity shop in Totnes on one of my lunch breaks when I worked in the town.   An elderly gentlemen in a wheelchair clapped eyes on it too but I already had it in my hands. Being a rather chivalrous person he congratulated me sportingly on my find. Inwardly I coveted the watercolour that he’d claimed as his own prize. My inner devil was urging me to wrestle him for it but I didn’t think it went well with my professional status as an advocate for disability!

 My own prize depicts Girvan Boatyard in Ayrshire. I know that because it’s marked on the back. It’s wonderfully intricate and appeals to my combined love of grim industrial landscapes and the sea. No doubt it was produced by someone who was a dab hand with a paint pot.  If you click on the image and enlarge it you may be able to admire all those amazing brushstrokes yourself. S orry about the reflection on the right hand edge. It’s a bugger to photograph things behind glass.

‘Blimey’ I thought after I quickly tracked down Judith Currie, an artist who paints Scottish landscapes. ‘This art research stuff is a breeze!’  But alas, my job was not so easy after all.   The lady herself kindly replied to my query about whether this is one of her works. It seems that she hadn’t been hanging around in Girvan boatyard.   Okay, I’d had my doubt too. Her style and subject matter seemed different. But people move on artistically so I thought it was worth giving it a go.

I’ve never found out about the J A Currie who painted my picture. Maybe someone will read this post in a few years time and tell me their story. If Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr Currie is still alive I’m sure that they’d be pleased to know that the painting has pride of place in my hall.

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