Intermittent Dieting

I reckon that you guys think that I’m going to talk about intermittent fasting in this post. Well I might touch upon it but it’s not the main subject. No, I actually do mean intermittent dieting. Gather round sweeties and let me explain.

Dieting is boring and it may come as no surprise from my foodie posts that I love eating. So I’ve worked out a way of doing it rather more painlessly than usual. It may be slower than other methods but heck I’ve been overweight for years. A few more months isn’t going to make a lot of difference

I use the free version of the My Fitness Pal app to track what I eat and do. Good old calorie counting works for me. I’m allowed about 1,200 but can top them up if I do exercise. On most days I use the 16:8 fasting method to restrict my eating to between lunchtime and supper time. When I’ve lost half a stone I reward myself with a present. These swim shoes were the last, bought just before we went on holiday a couple of months ago. They’re just the thing for both wild swimming and kayaking.

Now no-one wants to cut their food intake during a travel break do they? That’s where intermittent dieting comes in! I stopped the dieting when we popped off in the van to Wales For a woman of my age I’m then allowed around 1,800 calories per day without restricting calories. Plus there’s what is added on whenever I exercise. Happily on holiday the increase in activity can be substantial. I’m not one to sit around much. There’s plenty of scope for a portion of chips or an ice cream here and there. Or a pint or two in a pub. I’m rather partial to an ale in a beer garden.

I going to restart the weight loss regime again next week. The copious recording will resume with no cheating. I stepped on the scales a couple of days ago and I’m happy to say that there’s been no gain since the end of June. The rest period allows me to gauge how much food I’ll be allowed to eat once the dieting malarkey is over. It’s reinforcing a habit that I hope will be longstanding. During the non weight loss period I’m still careful about food intake but don’t have to starve myself. Now let me up the ante and lose another half a stone way before our next little trip away in mid October. I’ve already got an idea of my reward! I’ll provide an update just before I go away.

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  1. Ooh, I’m right there with you! I’ve been doing something similar but less organised or sometimes OMAD. I’m trying to break habits of a lifetime… I fell off the wagon for a while there, or at least just dragged by feet behind it, but I’m clambering back on now!
    Well done with what you’ve done so far!

    • All the best. I wonder if you too should think of falling off the wagon as a rest! Have you read ‘Tiny Habits?’ or ‘Atomic Habits’? They’re good for instilling new behaviours including dieting and exercise.

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