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It occurred to me the other day that I could be hired as an influencer. My track record for being on trend before the masses is brilliant. There are so many things that I’ve been doing for yonks and yonks that are massively popular now.

Take secondhand clothes shopping for example. I’ve been wearing then for at least quarter of a century. In the good old days my friends would nearly pass out with shock if they admired a piece of my clothing and I told them that it was three quid from Oxfam or suchlike. Now no-one would bat an eyelid. I’ve even noticed that fashion articles in The Guardian regularly feature used items as well as eye wateringly priced designer haul.

And then there’s meditation and alongside that the practice of being present in everyday life. No-one had heard of the word ‘mindfulness’ when I kickstarted my own journey at the beginning of the century . Now it’s a buzzword everywhere. Please consider embracing it properly if you haven’t. This might be the only serious part of this post. It really has changed my life for the positive.

There’s more. Everybody wants a motorhome these days, turns their hand to crafting, leaves their hair to go grey, wild swims and forages food. All things that have been in my repertoire for years and years. It’s as if some hipster has been spying on my life and copying me!

After writing this post I’m fully expecting an influencer agency to get in touch. It they pay me enough I’ll disclose what I’m up to now. It’ll be stuff that other people think is weird shit at the moment. But mark my words these things will be mainstream and generate big bucks in a few years time!

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  1. Your post made me smile. Are you an slightly older hippy type (smile). We live 3 miles from Glastonbury so see many ‘trends’ long before they become popular and hit the national papers.
    Yep, lovelygrey influencer, has a ring to it.

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