I Couldn’t Get Started

Finally, finally I have got my reading mojo back.  It’s wonderful what eliminating the stress of work does for your attention span isn’t it?  I read a heap of books on holiday, a mixed old bag of fiction and non fiction.   I could have got through a few more.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get started on two of the ones that I brought with me. They’ll be going straight back to the charity shop just in case they are someone else’s bag.   I didn’t like the writing style of the first.  It was very verbose, not Hemingway at all.   I tried a little longer with the second but really couldn’t get into the story.

Now I’m not going to mention the titles of the books that didn’t pass muster or their authors.   I’m not into naming and shaming exercises.  Moreover I have the utmost respect for anyone at all who completes writing a book however terrible I find it.    I take my hat off to anyone who has the imagination to come up with a plot with multiple twists and turns.  They put it all down on paper using thousands and thousands of works.  Heck!  Sometimes a three hundred word blog post is an ordeal!    And then they’ve finally got a publisher to take them seriously.  Don’t the majority of books get rejected at that hurdle?

I used to think that I had to keep going with books that I’d started.  That’s still the case with some.  A book that is difficult to read or understand may still have something that’s valid to say to me.  I’m not into reading just for the entertainment value.  But these days I’ll be much more likely to give up on a book that isn’t doing it for me.  That’s especially true when it’s been gifted or bought secondhand for just a few pence in the first place!

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  1. That is a very charitable attitude. I have written some damning book reviews on my blog in my time – perhaps I should have been kinder. I am an aspiring novelist (kind of) – I wrote a novel, and then couldn’t face the next step of inevitable rejection. I comfort myself with the fact that at least I think it’s quite good… 🙂

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