I Am Not Dead

There’s a atmospheric ruined church just above the town of Buckfast on the Southern edge of Dartmoor. If you’re passing on the A38 it’s well worth the short detour for a visit. Holy Trinity was destroyed by fire in the early 1990s. In its churchyard there’s the enclosed grave of Richard Cabell, a 17th century squire who was reported to be in league with Satan. If you run around the grave twelve times it’s said that the devil might bite your toes. This childhood picture of Louis depicts him doing his eleventh circuit. He was never brave enough to go for the dozen!

My boy is settled at Cardiff. He has a supermarket job to support his Open University studies. He tells me that moving into a student house was a good move. I rarely hear from him though so hinted that the occasional message might be nice. He now WhatApps me a couple of times a week. ‘I am not dead.’ I’m happy with that. I hear soon enough if there is a problem.

I’m going to take a break from blogging and most of social media for the month of October and maybe a little bit into November as well. I’ll see how I get on. It seemed like a good idea to take an extended Sabbath to allow me to recharge the batteries and free up a little time to do other things. But I’ll be back shortly. Just to reassure you all. I am not dead!

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