HRT Update

Photo: Pixabay: Bianca Van Dijk

Time for a HRT update three months on from when I was first prescribed a cocktail of oestrogen and progesterone. So how’s it gone? Well I’m normally a happy little soul so let’s get the negative out of the way pronto. I’ve had significant improvements in those levels of daytime fatigue that have been so disabling. They still can hit at any moment. I’m hoping that an increase in dose may tip the balance.

But I’m happy to report that there are loads of plusses. I think that the quality of my night time sleeping is improving. I’m dreaming regularly for the first time in years. Weird shit sometimes. Doesn’t the mind do funny things? My mood is stable and my concentration is getting better. It seems easier to shed weight. And here’s the funny one. Like myself my tweezers are now semi-retired. Facial hair growth has come to a virtual standstill. My days as a wannabe beardie hipster are numbered! Of course it makes sense when you remember that I’ve been deficient of female hormones for years.

But there’s more to it than that. I’ve reflected on my health over the past decade or so. My menopause started abruptly after a gynaecological emergency. At the time HRT wasn’t routinely offered. I remember the nurse at my GP surgery put me off having it saying that it just delayed inevitable symptoms. Since then I’ve had three major bouts of depression, problems with weight gain, poor sleep, fatigue and a stroke. Did the lack of a hormonal top up contribute? I’ll never know. Times have changed. In spite of current shortages HRT is more routinely considered. But us older women are more likely to have missed out. If anything that I’ve said in this HRT update resonates with anyone out there I’d encourage you to seek medical advice.

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